SAT Competition 2020

Cloud Track

A new track in SAT Competition 2020 is the Cloud Track, which will evaluate the effectiveness of parallel SAT solvers to run in a distributed manner. This track will be run on Amazon Web Services. The solvers participating in this track will be executed with a wall-clock time limit of 1000 seconds running on 100 m4.4xlarge machines in parallel. Each m4.4xlarge machine has 16 virtual CPUs and 64 GB memory. Communication between the machines is possible using MPI and SSH.

Similar to the Parallel Track, participants of this track are required to submit their solver via a GitHub repository (which can be private). The repository should contain a docker file that compiles the solver. Scripts for account configuration and instructions to run HordeSAT in the default configuration are available at:

Solver Submission

In order to participate in the Cloud Track please send an email to "" containing the following:
  1. name of the solver and a list of the authors
  2. your AWS account number
  3. the URL of the GitHub repository including the branch
  4. the full, 40-character SHA-1 hash of the commit